Care Guide For Pampas

Pampas is a type of grass, which you can use for home decor and events because of its luxe and beautiful texture. We usually get many questions from people who want to know how they can take care of these beauties.

We got different luxurious variety of ‘pampas’ for you which are sourced from different parts of the world depending on soil, temperature and weather.

Our pampas are best preserved to make your space look aesthetically gorgeous. All you need to give is little love and care to make them last for years to come.

Care Guide For Pampas:-

. It’s very normal for pampas grass to get pressed during shipping. When you receive your pampas take them outside, gently shake and use cool mode hairdryer for few minutes to re-fluff them. During this process, do expect that pampas will shed little bit. However, once you re-fluff your pampas grass and place them in the vase the shedding is almost nil, unless they are located in a windy environment.

. Dust your pampas every few months to eliminate all the accumulated dirt and keep them looking fresh. It will also help to prolong the life span of your pampas grass.

. Do not water your pampas grass. Dried flowers are very delicate and react negatively to moisture. Exposure to water may cause discoloration.

. Keep your pampas grass away from direct sunlight. Strong sunlight will make the pampas grass drier and with   time it will lose the silky pampas feel.

. Always remember that dried flowers are delicate and flammable. So, keep them away from naked flames.

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