Care For Preserved Flowers

Dried flowers are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but they also warm the heart of anyone who will receive it. So, whatever thought or vibe you are trying to send, you will never go wrong with dried flowers.

They are eternal and last for years to come.All you need to give them is little love and care.

Your Guide To Take Care Of Dried Florals:-

. Preserved flowers have been processed to retain a specific percentage of moisture to maintain flexibility. Display your dried or preserved stems loosely in an empty vase, making sure they have room to breathe. Do not place in water or store in a humid area at all.

. Keep out of direct sunlight. Bright light and direct UV exposure can be harsh on delicate blooms and may cause color fading.

. Be gentle with them while styling. Keep these stunning floral out of reach from small hands & fluffy tails. Our favorite space to style? Side tables and shelves for a subtle accent

. Use your hair dryer, set on cool and on the lowest air speed. Hold dryer about 10 inches from the arrangement and work from top to bottom.It’s best to do this outdoors so the dust doesn’t land on something else in your home. Repeat this process of cleaning every 3-4 months or whenever you feel dust settles on top of them.

Don’t Water Us, We Are Pretty Dead Flowers !

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